Hoover Speaks On Bad Bait-N-Switch Legislating

Here’s what Jeff Hoover had to say on the floor of the State House yesterday on hemp and pension non-reform:

The practice he’s talking about? Committee Substitutes being presented moments before a vote are a disaster.

It’s why Kentucky can’t have nice things.

But about hemp… Jamie Comer’s folks need to quit with the scorched earth politicking. The with-us-or-against-us approach is why most Democrats and some Republicans are turning their noses up. When you’re paid with tax dollars, you ought to have enough sense not to act like you’re working on a general election campaign.

2 thoughts on “Hoover Speaks On Bad Bait-N-Switch Legislating

  1. Comer cries about politics yet he plays politics harder than anyone. He will continue to do this seeing as how all he cares about is having his picture on the front page and a story about him on the news. Might as well let Him and Conway have a hair styling match… I mean an arm wrestling match to see who governor is gonna be.

  2. Kentucky leadership is nothing but a bunch of tired old grey faced men with bad haircuts and cheap suits that have long lived past their prime.

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