Here’s How To Hand Mitch McConnell A Big Win

We repeat: this is why Mitch McConnell is probably going to win. Because inexperienced political hot heads are playing pat-a-cake with a liberal Super PAC. Now it’s national news and is spreading like wildfire. The racist attack on Mitch McConnell’s corrupt wife was ridiculous. [NY Times]

The House Budget Committee approved a bill Tuesday night that would allow for optional public financing of Kentucky Supreme Court races after the panel earlier in the day failed to garner enough votes for it. [H-L]

Just gets worse and worse because now the faux Super PAC is the butt of Wonkette jokes. Whoopsiedaisy. [Wonkette]

What began all dressed up as a bi-partisan approach to “the number-one issue facing the state” appears to be unraveling, perhaps pointing toward a special session on pension and tax reform. [Ronnie Ellis]

A bit more worse, as The Atlantic has picked things up. In conflicting interviews with Louisville’s public radio station on Tuesday afternoon, Progress Kentucky spokesman Curtis Morrison initially denied that any of the tweets referenced McConnel’s wife, then eventually copped that some were inappropriate. [The Atlantic]

A bill that would ban smoking in all workplaces across Kentucky, including bars and restaurants, may not make it to a vote on the House floor this session after it was sent back to committee Tuesday. [C-J/AKN]

Even Ashley Judd has spoken up about the stupidity. Because it’s stupidity – not an honest mistake. [HuffPo]

The House Agriculture Committee will take up a scaled-back version of an industrial hemp bill on Wednesday morning that removes nearly all of the language aimed at regulating and testing the crops. [Ryan Alessi]

Wait, it really does get worse. A Kentucky progressive group accused Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of being gay in a pair of tweets. In two tweets, both of which have since been deleted, Progress Kentucky accused McConnell of being gay, including calling the Senate’s top Republican “a gay-bashing gay senator.” [BuzzFeed]

Andi Johnson is leaving the Republican Party of Kentucky to become director of gubmint relations at Commerce Lexington. Everyone send your congratulations on a smart career move. [Deep RPK Thoughts]

The 35-year prison sentence imposed on David Coleman Headley, a terrorist scout and Pakistani spy convicted in the 2008 Mumbai attacks, has closed the U.S. chapter of a case with explosive international implications. [ProPublica]

A snake-handling Kentucky preacher has gone back home from a Tennessee courtroom without his venomous serpents. [WKYT]

Shortly before noon, before the vote on whether to move forward on Chuck Hagel’s nomination for secretary of defense, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul walked onto the floor of the Senate. He stood near the well, where he would have to cast his vote. [Slate]