Dems Repeating Racist History With Elaine Chao

You’ve seen all the silliness around some group of Democrats attacking Mitch McConnell’s wife in a racist matter.

But it’s not the first time Democrats have hit her hardcore. Flashback to Fancy Farm 2001:

Democratic Party Chairwoman Nicki Patton has apologized to U.S. Labor Secretary Elaine Chao, the wife of Sen. Mitch McConnell, for remarks she made during the annual Fancy Farm picnic.

Ms. Patton, the daughter of Gov. Paul Patton, offered a list of 10 possible reasons why Mr. McConnell had missed the annual political gathering in Graves County on Saturday.

“He passed up some good Kentucky pork to chow down at the Chinese money buffet,” Ms. Patton said.

They’ve had lots of practice. In fact, we routinely make fun of their shenanigans by saying “RED CHINA” – because it’s so stupid.

Unfortunately, this is what Democrats are stooping to. Despite Mitch McConnell’s deplorable politics and overwhelming ability to do absolutely nothing, they’re finding a way to hand him an easy re-election.

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