School Boards Assoc. Lying About EpiPen Costs

The Kentucky School Boards Association and at least one large union representing teachers are fighting tooth and nail against putting EpiPens in schools. Even in the face of no health care, disappearing nurses and increasing allergies. They’re being unbelievably dishonest with their spin in claiming that putting life-saving EpiPens in every school would cost millions upon millions of dollars. Some individuals even going so far as to claim individual EpiPens cost $400-$500.

Let’s break this down so it’s easier for those folks to understand. Maths is hard, mmkay.

The bill only requires a school to have two EpiPens on-hand. So, ignoring that many Kentucky schools would qualify for freebies – which we have already written about, that’s not a bank-breaker. The industry discounted rate is $112 for a two-pack.

According to the Kentucky Department of Education, there are 1,233 schools in the Commonwealth. If each school purchased a single package at $112, that comes to $138,096. That’s all the law requires. Not millions upon millions.

There are 155 public schools in Jefferson County. If you use the same math, Jefferson County Public Schools would only need to pony up $17,360 to be in compliance with the proposed legislation. In fact, JCPS could purchase two packages of EpiPens and still only be out $34,720.

This means the School Boards Association and union officials are saying $17K (just six percent of the superintendent’s salary) isn’t worth potentially saving lives in Louisville. That $138K isn’t worth saving lives in rural Kentucky. (Again, ignoring the reality that many schools would receive free EpiPens in their first year.)

Or look at the school district Greg Stumbo pretends to live in – Floyd County. There are 16 public schools there, so Floyd County would have to spend just $1,792.

But noooo, it’s gonna cost millions for each school district. There’s no way anyone could afford these senseless devices no one can figure out how to use. Too complicated, don’t make schools have to worry about simple first aid. Who cares about poor kids living in Podunk who can’t get to a hospital and have to wait 30 minutes on an ambulance?

And you wonder why Kentucky can’t have nice things. Or why Kentucky schools are a perpetual disaster.

3 thoughts on “School Boards Assoc. Lying About EpiPen Costs

  1. I just cannot fathom why anyone can be against this..not expensive, can save a child’s life, not complicated….how in the hell can school board and officials not go along with it?? much less teacher’s union?? maybe Jake is right— KY cannot have nice things because overall we are stupid…or at least elect stupid people to do right by us…..

  2. I work with at school nurse who was AGAINST this issue–because it was an unfunded mandate. This is an unfunded mandate that we can afford. AND—-The new Senate Committee Substitute seems to take that out–so money shouldn’t be an issue.

    Using an EpiPen is NEVER, EVER the wrong thing to do. How many times do the physicians have to say it?

    What, exactly, is keeping us from implementing a bit of common sense? That saves lives? Seriously.

    Looking foward to the Senate committee hearing and their floor vote.

    Oh, wait. Are they even considering other business aside from “Takin’ yur guns and bullets!”?

  3. and dont forget they also need to take time for the ALE-8 thingy as well as killing of coyotes…..much higher priorities than our children………. what leadership we have…………….

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