Nice Blend Of Booze, Gun Nuts And Gay-Hating

Strong majorities of Kentuckians favor legalizing medical marijuana and industrial hemp — and nearly 40 percent support decriminalizing recreational marijuana use. 60% allegedly support medical marijuana in Kentucky. But when you mention medical marijuana with hemp? You kill the hemp issue in Frankfort. Which is almost as damaging as the Comer move to go all “with us or against us on hemp” with everyone in Frankfort. [C-J/AKN]

Way to go, Kentucky, with your fun anti-gay discrimination. After being mocked and teased by co-workers and superiors at work, some of whom constantly referred to him as “twinkle toes”, the center forced him to resign in spite of his spotless record. He sued for wrongful termination and, though the judge agreed that he had been treated unfairly, there is no Kentucky state law regarding anti-gay discrimination at the workplace. [BuzzFeed]

Woah, they’ve finally been found! Johnson County law enforcement officials found two bodies late Friday night that had been buried on a farm owned by a Johnson County couple who have been missing since September. [H-L]

What’s that, a gun nut (different than a gun owner) says Barack Obama is gonna take all yer guns for a fancy race war? [Wonkette]

I DO know what the Kentucky Democratic Party should do: find a credible alternative soon or get behind Judd. The most credible alternative is Alison Lundergan Grimes, the first-term secretary of state and daughter of the indefatigable former Kentucky Democratic Party Chairman Jerry Lundergan. [Ronnie Ellis]

Major banks have quickly become behind-the-scenes allies of Internet-based payday lenders that offer short-term loans with interest rates sometimes exceeding 500 percent. [NY Times]

Of course mouth-breathers in Frankfort want to prevent the poorest of the poor in Kentucky from having better access to health care. Two bills that would block Gov. Steve Beshear from moving ahead with provisions of the Affordable Care Act were passed in the state Senate Friday on party-line votes. [C-J/AKN]

The Obama administration and civil rights groups are defending a key section of the landmark voting rights law at the Supreme Court by pointing reformed state, county and local governments to an escape hatch from the law’s strictest provision. [HuffPo]

Here’s an OMG fact for you: The Kentucky legislature didn’t go on record against slavery until 1976 — 111 years after the 13th Amendment prohibiting involuntary servitude became the law of the land. [H-L]

Just a reminder that the Kentucky School Boards Association is manufacturing talking points to fight against potentially saving kids’ lives. [Page One]

This is terrific news for the bourbon industry. On any given day in the United States, 18 percent of men and 11 percent of women drink more alcohol than federal guidelines recommend, according to a study that also found that 8 percent of men and 3 percent of women are full-fledged “heavy drinkers.” [Reuters]

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