They’re Comon’ Fer Yer Rascal Scooter, Meemaw!

President Barack Obama argued Friday for keeping a key provision of federal voting rights law in place, saying it will become harder but not impossible to help people who believe their rights at the polls have been violated if the Supreme Court decides to strike down that part of the law. [HuffPo]

Remember John Kemper? Turns out, he went rogue and sent out a press release without approval. Probably not going to end well for him politically. [WFPL]

Karl Rove is defending his new super PAC’s intention to get involved in primaries, and criticized Bob Woodward’s assertion that he was creating a “politburo.” [Politico]

For the millionth time, Bob Gunnell is not a Democratic strategist – he’s just a friend of Joe Arnold’s. He had to get Gunnell to provide quotes because no one else in Kentucky cares about Ashley Judd’s Twitter account. [WHAS11]

OH GOD READY THE FEMA CAMPS!!!1! Because Barack Obama is coming for your rascal scooter! [Wonkette]

Whattya mean Joe Gerth wrote yet another story where he took politicians at their word that they’re pushing for pension reform? [C-J/AKN]

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval has signed legislation legalizing online gambling, after quick approval of the bill by state lawmakers, in a move that comes as New Jersey weighs a similar measure. Is Kentucky paying attention? [Reuters]

It was perhaps a perfect illustration of the 2013 General Assembly deliberations so far. The House Committee on Labor and Industry Thursday heard discussion on bills sponsored by Rep. Jim DeCesare, R-Bowling Green, which would make Kentucky a right-to-work state and repeal the prevailing wage law for public projects. [Ronnie Ellis]

When storms, disease or old age down trees and limbs in city parks, the wood waste will now be sold and turned into energy that helps power Louisville companies and organizations—instead of going to the landfill. [Biomass Magazine]

A lawsuit brought by the family of a slain eastern Kentucky sheriff can go forward after being reinstated by the Kentucky Court of Appeals. [WLEX18]

Was the pope under the influence of a secretive “gay lobby” within the Vatican itself? That’s the claim put forth by Italian daily newspaper La Repubblica. [HuffPo]