Charter Schools Push Is Still Not Bi-Partisan Effort

Yesterday, the charter schools/Frank Simon/Jim Waters organization run by Hal Heiner sent out a release claiming momentum was building in Kentucky’s “Fight for School Choice.”

Here’s a taste:

The Kentucky Charter School Project is pleased to announce the addition of three new members to its growing coalition of public charter school advocates. New members include:

Democrats for Education Reform: A political action committee whose mission is to encourage a more productive dialogue within the Democratic Party on the need to fundamentally reform American public education. DFER operates on all levels of government to educate elected officials and support reform-minded candidates for public office.

National Association of Charter School Authorizers: A nonprofit organization devoted exclusively to improving public education by improving the policies and practices of the organizations responsible for authorizing charter schools. NACSA’s members are some of the largest charter school authorizers in the country and oversee more than half of the nation’s 6,000 charter schools.

Students for Education Reform – University of Kentucky Chapter: Founded by students, SFER is a powerful student organizing body for education reform that empowers students as stakeholders in the education system and connects them with the tools to advocate for change.

Current Members: Black Alliance for Educational Options, Bluegrass Institute, Kentuckians Advocating Reform in Education, Kentucky Education Restoration Alliance, Parents for Improving Kentucky Education and the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools.

“If we want to ensure the next generation has every opportunity then we have to demand from our politicians that they do more now, said DFER Executive Director Joe Williams. “As one of only a handful of states remaining to approve public charter schools, Kentucky politicians have failed the Commonwealth, and it is our right and our responsibility to ask for and demand more.”

But just who are the “Democrats for Education Reform”?

  • Kevin P. Chavous (chair) – Former Washington, DC, City Council member and chair of the Education Committee; Board Chair of Black Alliance for Educational Options (BAEO).
  • Boykin Curry – Eagle Capital; Co-Founder of Public Prep.
  • Tony Davis – Co-founder and President of Anchorage Capital Group, LLC; Board Trusteer for Achievement First Brooklyn charter schools.
  • Charles Ledley – Highfields Capital Management; Board Member of the Tobin Project.
  • Sara Mead – Bellwether Education Partners, Associate Partner; Former Director of Early Education Initiative at the New America Foundation.
  • John Petry – Columbus Hill Capital Management; Co-founder of Harlem Success Academy Charter School in NYC.
  • Whitney Tilson – Managing Partner, T2 Partners LLC and Tilson Mutual Funds; Board member of KIPP-NYC, National Alliance for Public Charter Schools and Council of Urban Professionals; Co-Founder of the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City and Rewarding Achievement (REACH).

Yep, a bunch of Wall Street and money management folks. Because charter schools = $$$$.

It’s still not a bi-partisan effort. It will never be a bi-partisan effort in Kentucky while it’s pushed by the extremists.

When it’s an actual bi-partisan effort? Then people will care.

1 thought on “Charter Schools Push Is Still Not Bi-Partisan Effort

  1. You are absolutely right here, Jake. It has to be a bipartisan effort. I am a supporter of charter schools that come from effective legislation. Massachusetts has integrated the charter model very effectively and also supports an almost charter model within the districts called the Horace Mann schools, with a recent development being Schools of Innovation. Unfortunately, I think the chances for Kentucky to move positively on this are nil. It certainly deosn’t help for those making money from charter schools to be leading the charge.

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