Rand Paul Back To His Grueling TV Schedule

Here’s Rand Paul, back to his grueling television appearance schedule, on Faux News:

It’s interesting that he continues to harp on that “Tea Party Response” he gave. Because we don’t know anyone (but us) who actually watched it.

Those who did see it dismiss it was material from the lunatic fringe. Primarily, well, because all he did was talk about “Obama Phones” and “Islamic Radicals.”

1 thought on “Rand Paul Back To His Grueling TV Schedule

  1. “Our Senator Protects Us from Evil”

    Rand aide: “Senator, you’ve got to get out there because hardly anybody saw your Tea Party response to Obama.”

    Rand: “I love doing all these TV shows. They give me something to do between all the Congressional vacations.”

    Rand aide: “That’s the attitude!”

    Rand: “But do we have to visit Kentucky anytime soon?”

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