Damon Thayer Pretends To Push Pension Reform

Before the Kentucky School Board Insurance Trust went belly up last month, it paid millions of dollars in royalties to the Kentucky School Boards Association, which administered the trust and used the profits to subsidize its own programs for decades. [H-L]

PEE ALERT!!!1! Mitch McConnell was fooled by a report in the military version of The Onion. The best parody contains elements of truth. Which might explain how the military’s answer to The Onion suckered the Senate’s Republican leader. [Wired]

There’s no way this bill will stop any sort of corruption in Frankfort, sadly. A Kentucky legislator has filed a bill that would effectively do away with lobbyists in Frankfort. [C-J/AKN]

Is the “tea party” beating Mitch McConnell? This article says so. Common sense in Kentucky says no. [Salon]

Today, the gays will have a fun little party in Frankfort where nothing will really happen. It’s not their fault entirely. It’s mostly the fault of people like Steve Beshear who don’t have the courage to say “gay” in public. [Press Releases]

Damon Thayer says the public would condemn a delay on pension reform. He would be right – if he was pushing actual pension reform instead of just blowing smoke. [CN|2]

Is it funny or sad watching Steve Beshear get looked at as backward in the national press? [HuffPo]

An Eastern Kentucky lawyer who has represented hundreds of people in Social Security disability cases schemed with a federal judge to commit wholesale fraud, two whistle blowers charge in a civil complaint. This is just scratching the surface. [H-L]

If there’s anything your wingnuts love, it’s the hallowed concept of States’ Rights. Your modern wingnut says the states should never have to knuckle under to Federal tyranny, because freedom! [Wonkette]

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden’s advice for self-defense: Buy a shotgun, not an assault rifle. Biden, who is spearheading a push for President Barack Obama’s gun control proposals, dispensed this off-the-cuff tip for protecting life and property during an online question-and-answer session on Facebook on Tuesday. [Reuters]

Maybe it’s time for people to realize they actually have to parent their children in order for them to not be awful. Georgetown Police are now involved in an investigation involving a threatening note left inside a Scott County High School student’s locker last week. The words “kill yourself” were printed in all capital letters in blue ink on a pink heart made from what appears to be construction paper. [WKYT]

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  1. “In the Home of the Un-Brave”

    Empress Elaine: “Mitch, how could you be so fooled by The Onion’s spoof about a military report?”

    Mitch: “Dear, you’ve got to remember that military lingo can confuse me–I never served in the armed forces during Vietnam.”

    Empress: “Tell me about it. I’m sick of hearing all that chicken-hawk talk.”

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