All The Hemp Coverage Will Probably Gag You

An industrial hemp bill rode a quick spurt through the Kentucky Senate, but the pace will slow in a more skeptical House, where its top leader has doubts about the crop’s marketability and a key committee chairman has questions he wants answered. [H-L]

The health care law was supposed to go a long way toward getting more kids access to dental care. But as it stands now, the effort may fall short. [Politico]

House Speaker Greg Stumbo, D-Prestonsburg, suggested Friday that Kentucky should use state proceeds from instant racing to fund the state’s badly underfunded pension systems. [Ronnie Ellis]

South Korean experts say they have not detected any radioactive isotopes from North Korea’s nuclear test, hampering efforts to assess the device. [BBC]

Kentucky lawmakers are hotly debating whether to legalize industrial hemp. But do Kentucky farmers think hemp could help grow profits? [WDRB]

A top Republican lawmaker has challenged the widely respected congressional forecaster on budget issues, the Congressional Budget Office, accusing it of a slanted report on taxing corporate profits, according to documents released on Friday. [Reuters]

A recently fired Richmond firefighter is suing the city, claiming he suffered physical and verbal abuse at the hands of a battalion chief that his superiors did nothing to stop. [Richmond Register]

The American hemp industry, revived in the 1990s in a wave of cannabis-fueled environmentalism, now sells $450 million a year of products from hemp-oil soap to hemp-coned speakers for guitar amplifiers, according to an industry trade group. Yet all the raw material used for these products, from fiber to hempseed oil, has to be imported, as it’s still illegal to grow hemp in the United States. [Salon]

It’s often tough to take Ryan Alessi seriously because he likes the Orioles – so you’ll have to put that out of your mind for a moment. He’s got an interview with Damon Thayer (R-Believes His Own Reactionary Hype) about special taxing districts. [Ryan Alessi]

The movie Argo, up for seven Oscars at this year’s Academy Awards, is based on the true story of the CIA rescue of Americans in Tehran during the 1979 hostage crisis. Missing from most of the coverage of this movie? The actual guy who ran the mission, played by Ben Affleck in the movie. [NPR]

Hemp doubters, including prominent Kentucky politicians and law enforcement, scoff at the idea that the market for the crop could mean much to Kentucky farmers. But they have not been answering the phones at the Kentucky Department of Agriculture, where Commissioner James Comer gets two or three calls a week. [H-L]

A proposed federal rule to cap profit margins for certain health insurance plans and prescription drug benefit programs is now available for review. [The Hill]

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  1. For the Hemp doubters that scoff at the idea that the market for Hemp would do little for the farmers of Kentucky, they might want to ask these countries that grow hemp; Canada, Germany, Finland, France, Denmark, India, Italy, Russia, Spain, Poland, Chile, Austria, Romania, China, Australia, Turkey, Egypt, Korea, Portugal, Ukraine, Thailand and even Slovenia grow and produce Hemp.
    And for those in law enforcement who say it’s hard to tell the difference from a hemp plant and it’s cousin Marijuana, they have classes you can take on that. Education does pay.

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