Kentuckians Demand Pension Cleanup Immediately

By now, you already know that Mitch McConnell is leading Ashley Judd in the latest polling.

But this also slipped out from RunSwitch:

On the pension question, 81% of voters said “the pension system should be fixed using current state revenues and by making policy changes, as the State Senate did last week,” versus 19% of voters who said that “to fully fund the pension system, the state will need more revenue in the form of higher taxes to solve this problem.”

It’s some significant proof that most people in Kentucky believe pension reform is a necessity.

Unfortunately, the poll didn’t address the corruption at Kentucky Retirement Systems, the use of placement agents (a major drain on cash) and the general shenanigans we’re all watching play out. But it’s still proof that Kentuckians want the pension mess to be addressed ASAP.

What’s worse is that the State Senate hasn’t even begun to address the shortfall and won’t begin to do so until they clean house at KRS and change the way that joint operates.

2 thoughts on “Kentuckians Demand Pension Cleanup Immediately

  1. The poll also assumes “policy changes” will do anything to fix the pension problem. Pay attention folks: nothing in SB 2 fixes the pension problem. The issue is the unfunded liability, and SB 2 offers no solution to that.

  2. KRS is a mess and SB2 wants to add more political appointees?? Like politics aren’t already a problem there. We need people there who have NO political connection and want to fix it and not play to the whims of their political buddies.

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