Obama Phones & “Islamic Radicals” Are Big Deals

Rand Paul’s remarks last night, summarized: Obama Phones and “Islamic Radicals.” And that, meemaw, is why he was ignored by 99% of the press in primetime. [Bitter, Delusional Tea]

The Kentucky Senate unanimously passed a bill Monday that would allow those in prison to seek DNA testing to prove their innocence. [Ronnie Ellis]

Of course Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul voted against the Violence Against Women Act. Because both are apparently excited about letting the world know their fear of women is almost as strong as their fear of everything else. [HuffPo]

The big scuttlebutt rumor floating around is that Ashley Judd will file this Friday or on Monday, making a big to-do. Republicans get their dream of re-electing Mitch McConnell. [Democratic Woes]

Note that cancer stick taxes have been drastically declining each and every month since forever. Increasing taxes will NOT solve this pension mess until the crooks at KRS are out on their ass. House Democrats are reviewing options — including higher cigarette taxes — to help pay the state’s annual retirement contributions required under a landmark pension overhaul that passed the Senate last week. [C-J/AKN]

U.S. motorists searching for someone to blame for the highest gasoline prices ever at this time of year have an easy target: hedge funds who have been quietly amassing winning bets on hundreds of millions of barrels of oil. [Reuters]

Steve Beshear issued a statement on committee passage (in the House) of the graduation bill: “I applaud the committee’s repeated support of the graduation bill, and I appreciate sponsor Rep. Jeff Greer’s continued efforts to move this bill forward. Kentucky needs an educated, highly trained workforce, and we can’t have that if we tell kids it’s okay to drop out at 16. They lose their best opportunity at a productive future because they will likely earn less than their peers who graduate, and are more likely to find themselves on welfare or in prison. I look forward to continuing conversations with both the House and the Senate on this issue, and call on our legislators to pass this bill to keep our kids in school.” [Press Release]

The U.S. war effort in Iraq and Afghanistan has relied heavily on civilian workers, to transport supplies, protect diplomats and other tasks. Though these contractors suffer the same physical and mental scars as troops, they return home without the same support network, often having to fight with insurers for the care they need. [ProPublica]

Saturday’s Lincoln Day Dinner set an all-time high in attendance for several reasons. Building on the success from earlier years, organizers created an impressive line-up of guests and guest speakers, including U.S. Rep. Brett Guthrie and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. [Nelson Co. Gazette]

Uh, Princess Damon, they’re not throwing it out because of one report. They’re throwing it out because it’s all just a bunch of crap you pulled out of your rear end. It doesn’t solve the pension crisis. Doesn’t even begin to address it. Nothing will change until you stop being such a little girl, stand up to the people who bankroll your campaigns and your party and demand the crooks be thrown out at KRS. Yes, we said it. Quit being a little girl. [CN|2]

A week after he asked employees to help administrators identify ways to reduce its $230 million budget by 10 percent, Eastern Kentucky University President Doug Whitlock admitted Thursday the cuts could not be achieved without a workforce reduction. [Richmond Register]

In the aftermath of the worst recession in decades, the richest Americans have been getting richer — a lot richer — while most Americans have gone the other direction. [HuffPo]

A Prohibition-era ban on the sale of alcohol at restaurants, bars and retail stores on Election Day would be lifted under legislation approved by the Senate on Tuesday. [H-L]

2 thoughts on “Obama Phones & “Islamic Radicals” Are Big Deals

  1. “Nobody Saw Rand Paul”

    Pa Tuck: “Did ya see Rand on tee-vee last night?”

    Ma Tuck: “Darn, I couldn’t find him.”

    Pa Tuck: “I even tried the porn channel. No luck there either.”

  2. “Mitch & the Women Question”

    Empress Elaine: “Mitch, nice vote against the so-called ‘Violence Against Women’ Act. We don’t need that feminist crappola.”

    Mitch: “Yeah, Dear, most women wouldn’t vote for me if I had Einstein’s intellect and Brad Pitt’s looks. So why give them a break?”

    Empress: “Your logic is impeccable, Darling. I can’t wait for you to pummel Ms. Cutesie Judd.”

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