Rand Paul Will Teabag Everyone So Hard Tonight

Lawmakers will wait a month before considering controversial changes to Kentucky’s water quality standard for a substance called selenium. [WFPL]

The creature that gave rise to all the placental mammals – a huge group that includes whales, elephants, dogs, bats and us – has at last been pinpointed. An international effort mapped out thousands of physical traits and genetic clues to trace the lineage. [BBC]

A Senate panel overwhelmingly approved a controversial bill Monday night that opponents said would weaken oversight and erode the quality of telephone service in Kentucky. [H-L]

After eight years of tightened access to government records under the Bush administration, open-government advocates were hopeful when Barack Obama promised greater transparency. Four years later, did the president keep his promise? [ProPublica]

The pitch was the same but an all-star cast of salesmen went before the Senate Agriculture Committee Monday advocating passage of a bill to authorize regulation of industrial hemp in Kentucky. [Ronnie Ellis]

North Korea has carried out its third, most powerful nuclear test despite UN warnings, and said “even stronger” action might follow. It described the test as a “self-defensive measure” necessitated by the “continued hostility” of the US. [BBC]

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., will deliver Tuesday night’s tea party response to President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address. [C-J/AKN]

More on the Maker’s Mark public relations disaster. The folks responsible for dealing with communications should have been fired months ago over the Maker’s Lounge snafu. Now this? It’s almost as if there’s no one at the top of the company who is aware of how badly they need to hire a new firm. [NPR]

His job is to protect those in danger around his community, but now the head of one Harlan County Fire Department is suspended while a Kentucky State Police investigation continues. [WKYT]

Wondering why it’s so important NOT to remove FCC and PSC regulation of wireless and wireline providers in Kentucky? [Bill Moyers]

The House budget committee unanimously approved a bill Tuesday that would tax bets placed on horse races via telephone or the Internet. [H-L]

Then there’s this. The United States has made “rapid progress” in expanding access and reducing costs for broadband Internet service, according to a report released on Tuesday by the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation. [The Hill]