Do You Need A Reason To Roll Your Eyes?

No? Here’s a reason to laugh, anyway.

Go read this mess.

Jack Conway was forced to respond in the American Atheists v. Kentucky Office of Homeland Security case and his response is a disaster. You’ll love it all (the orange cover is required by the court, Jack didn’t just decide to use some leftover construction paper from elementary school).

On page two of the response, he mentions that non-believers who don’t rely upon “Almighty God” are faced with a Class A Misdemeanor and can receive up to a year in jail but it’s not addressed elsewhere.

It’s all… just too much to write about.

You can thank Tim Riner (actually, you can thank that kid who ran against him and wussed out about half way through the race) for causing this mess and wasting your tax dollars. And you can thank Jack Conway for further causing Kentucky to be the butt of jokes everywhere.

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