KDRP Wants Your Tax Dollars For Mitch Fun

In the age of Everybody-Is-Still-Povertied, the Kentucky Democratic Republican Party is asking you to give away your money.

Here’s the latest fancy infographic from the KDRP’s email blast:


Reality check: It does cost you something – $2 in the form of a tax deduction. Which is a lot when you consider the incompetence at KDRP these days. And a lot when you think about how far a few million bucks could go for government services that are legitimately strapped for cash.

Hopefully, Democrats who really want to beat Mitch McConnell won’t fall for their ploy and will hold their contributions. If no credible candidate emerges to face McConnell, their cash will be better off in their pocket than in the hands of a dead/dying political organization.

3 thoughts on “KDRP Wants Your Tax Dollars For Mitch Fun

  1. Clarification: it is a deduction from your tax paid (i.e., less money into general fund) but it doesn’t have an impact on the tax due. From the Instructions for KY Form 740:

    “You may designate $2 of your taxes to either the Democratic or Republican party if you have a tax liability of at least $2 ($4 for married persons filing joint returns). Fifty cents will be paid to the corresponding political organization in your county of residence and the remainder will be paid to the respective state political party. This designation will not increase your tax or decrease your refund. You may make this designation by checking the applicable box. A husband and wife may each make a designation. Persons making no designation should check the “No Designation” box.”

  2. That’s exactly what the post says… only more verbose.

    That’s cash going to a corrupt political party instead of the general fund.

  3. I have never designated any of my taxes to go to the party (state) or the presidential campaigns (federal.) I do not believe in taxpayer funding of political campaigns or activity.

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