PEE ALERT: Mary Karen Stumbo Melts Down Again

Oh, the schadenfreude.

This time it’s Mary Karen Stumbo claiming her husband, Greg Stumbo, is losing money while doing the job he is paid to do:

She clearly cannot count, because he makes what most Kentuckians would consider bank as Speaker of the House.

And that legislative pension he’s got? That’s worth something like a million and a quarter bucks.

1 thought on “PEE ALERT: Mary Karen Stumbo Melts Down Again

  1. Expenses of that second residence?? You mean the private/public golf course in Prestonsburg built with state and federal tax dollars which Stumbo was allowed to purchase multiple plots as surplus property without having to bid against anybody else in violation of Kentucky law? Or the fact that the county club amenities at the private/public golf course where Stumbo has his home are paid for by coal severance tax? It’s much important that daughter Cassidy can ride her pony on trails maintained by coal severance tax than Floyd County poor children living up Mud Creek to have clean drinking water and proper santiation. AND THAT is why Kentucky will never have nice things.

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