Sadly, Few Believe In The “Pension Reform” Bill

Employees of Kentucky’s court systems won’t have to take unpaid furlough days during this calendar year, Kentucky Supreme Court Chief Justice John D. Minton Jr. said Thursday. [H-L]

Medicare and its beneficiaries in 100 metropolitan areas will pay less for durable equipment beginning July 1. [Reuters]

How excited are you for Kentucky Tonight on Monday? Jamie Comer is set to appear to discuss hemp with Rodney Brewer, Dan Smoot and Jonathan Miller. Here’s hoping Comer and Miller don’t muck things up even worse with Brewer than they already are. [KET]

Another day, another business hit over the head with a multi-million settlement over faulty foreclosure practices. Kentucky receives less than a million. [Consumerist]

Republican state Senate leaders said Wednesday they expect to pass a pension reform bill that mirrors the recommendations of a task force that calls for lawmakers to fully fund the system and ask future employees to share some investment risk. [Ronnie Ellis]

After Vitter said Rubio was “nuts” for wanting to pass an immigration reform bill, a “source close to Rubio” sent an unsolicited e-mail to Politico: “David Vitter has done some nuttier things in his life.” Diaper fight! [Wonkette]

A central Kentucky lawmaker says she and her colleagues will consider a bill that was initiated by a middle school. [WKYT]

More than nine in 10 voters in Virginia, New Jersey and Pennsylvania support some form of background check on gun buyers, according to three separate Quinnipiac polls taken during the month of January, with roughly equal support among gun owners and all voters. [HuffPo]

When CBS News reported in 2011 that members of Congress weren’t prohibited from insider trading, Congress moved swiftly. President Obama signed a law banning it within six months of the broadcast. [ProPublica]

Berea Mayor Steve Connelly stood next to a glass “half full of prosperity” (tea) as he presented his State of the City address Thursday inside the Russel Acton Folk Center. [Richmond Register]

On Jan. 11, five days before President Barack Obama unveiled 23 executive actions he intended to to take to reduce gun violence, Pennsylvania state Rep. Daryl Metcalfe (R) announced that he was working on a firearms measure of his own. [TPM]

Two related stories about coal in Asia broke earlier this week: that India just doesn’t have enough coal to meet the country’s demands, and that China burns nearly as much coal as the whole rest of the world. [WFPL]