Mitch Is A Horrible Person For Ruining Bourbon

As lawmakers debate the Obama administration’s commitment to immigration enforcement, a report released last week shows that 2 million people will be deported by 2014 — more than the total number of deportations before 1997 — if they continue at the current rate. [HuffPo]

With state and federal funds dropping and various expenses rising, the Madison County School Board is set to “roll up their sleeves” to prepare a 2013-14 budget that would avoid dipping deep into its contingency fund. [Richmond Register]

The White House on Thursday disbanded President Barack Obama’s jobs council, a group of high-profile chief executives who gave advice on how to spur employment growth, even as 12 million Americans remain out of work. [Reuters]

Eight members of the family of U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell’s wife Elaine Chao each gave $10,000 to the Kentucky Republican Party in the final weeks of 2012, according to a report the party filed with the Federal Election Commission. [Tom Loftus]

There’s a funny joke that liberals tell each other (okay, I lie, liberals are never funny because they are too busy being offended by non-lesbians) about how if Obama came out against Nazis, conservatives would find a way to defend them. Well, guess what, libtards? JOKE NO MORE. [Wonkette]

Changes in sentencing and probation made in 2011 have saved Kentucky’s corrections system millions of dollars, but lawmakers said Thursday it’s too soon to know if the reforms will have the sweeping long-term effects that legislators intended. [CN|2]

Conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh lashed out at Mexican immigrants Wednesday in a radio rant that portrayed them as lazy and government-dependent — the latest in a series of anti-Mexican statements spouted off by far-right conservatives angered by the possibility of a deal to pass a bipartisan immigration reform. [HuffPo]

Comment on Kentucky may or may not be worth watching tonight. Ronnie Ellis should be on each week no matter what. Scheduled guests: Linda Blackford, Kenny Coleslaw, Greg Hall. [KET]

There are nearly 300 million firearms in the US – which is almost as many guns as there are people. It is, in fact, the most heavily armed country per capita in the world. [AJ]

The glaring issue with this Mitch McConnell interview has nothing to do with politics or government. It’s the way he ruins bourbon! [Yahoo]

In May of 1999, under intense pressure following the Columbine High School massacre, National Rifle Association CEO Wayne LaPierre told Congress that the gun lobby supported instant background checks at gun shows. On Wednesday, back before the Senate Judiciary Committee following the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, LaPierre uncomfortably withdrew his support for universal background checks. [HuffPo]