Hal Rogers Is Just So Mad About That Hemp

Ruh ro! Everybody’s favorite grandmother, Hal Rogers, is really mad about hemp:

“I have yet to be convinced Kentucky needs a pathway for industrial hemp. My first concern is the challenge facing our thinly stretched marijuana eradication teams and law enforcement in visually distinguishing the two plants. This confusion and potential comingling lends itself to an easier path for illegal marijuana growth in the Commonwealth. Secondly, there appears little evidence to date that hemp will be an economic boon for Kentucky when the USDA describes the hemp market as ‘small [and] thin.’ Finally, we need to focus on more important issues like enacting pension reform, getting our federal deficits under control, and tackling the existing drug epidemic.”

How will Mitch McConnell convince Meemaw Hal to support the effort?

3 thoughts on “Hal Rogers Is Just So Mad About That Hemp

  1. Hal bringing the ‘derp.’ Seriously, the Tea Party and dems are in a hizzy over Mitch….. get rid of Hal.

  2. Wouldn’t surprise me if this isn’t one of those “he’s for it, so I have to be against it” deals. Most people in Kentucky don’t know that Hal and Mitch really don’t like each other that much. Rogers thinks because he’s Kentucky’s longest-serving House member, he should be top Republican in the state. McConnell thinks that title should be his because of his status as minority leader (former president) of the Senate.

    If, as you hinted yesterday, McConnell supports Comer in a gubernatorial race, look for Rogers to support Guthrie if they are the two major candidates.

  3. Actually, let me rephrase one of the statements above. Kentuckians, especially Republicans, may know that Hal and Mitch aren’t on really good terms, but they don’t speak of it.

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