Thought The Economy Was Puppies & Rainbows

U.S. Rep. Andy Barr, R-Lexington, called the efforts of a bipartisan group of U.S. senators to bring about immigration reform “a sign of progress on a broken system.” Not sure how it’s progress, really, as it’s the same plan Barack Obama has been pushing for years while Republicans foamed at the mouth. Guess Republicans will be in for a rude awakening when they discover non-whites still won’t be voting for them. [H-L]

Haha, teabagger logic is hilarious. Two Tea Party lawmakers in Mississippi have proposed legislation to create a permanent committee charged with nullifying federal laws the state does not want to follow. [HuffPo]

Kentucky’s homeless population and those at risk of homelessness can be hard to find. Beginning at midnight, volunteers and workers will spread out across the state in attempt to get a one-day count of those who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless in the next 14 days. [Ashland Independent]

You can expect Jerry Lundergan to be deeply involved in this effort. Terry McAuliffe has added two top strategists to his campaign for governor of Virginia, bulking up his team for what has essentially become a nine-month general election race. [Politico]

A southeastern Kentucky school district is considering a request to allow high school students to bring their own technology, such as smartphones or tablets, into the classroom to work on assignments. [WLEX18]

President Barack Obama’s approval rating current sits at a three year high, according to the latest polling data. [WaPo]

The old historic buildings that make up Whiskey Row in the 100 block of West Main Street in downtown Louisville are no longer in danger of falling down. [WDRB]

Israeli forces attacked a convoy on the Syrian-Lebanese border overnight, a Western diplomat and regional security sources said on Wednesday, as concern has grown in the Jewish state over the fate of Syrian chemical and advanced conventional weapons. [Reuters]

The US economy unexpectedly shrank at an annualised rate of 0.1% in the fourth quarter of 2012, initial official estimates indicate. If confirmed, it would be the first contraction logged by the US economy since the 2009 global recession. [BBC]

You can’t even go to the mall in Lexington these days without getting your face slashed. [H-L]

It sure is fun watching all of this anti-gay craziness in Tennessee. [Wonkette]

Instead of working on issues like this, one well-known gay organization in Louisville is wasting money on having its folks get arrested for refusing to leave a court house and for passing a fairness ordinance in a tiny town that isn’t even, well, a town. Woo, well done. Money wisely spent. Meanwhile, kids like this are killing themselves every day. [HuffPo]

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  1. “Vestiges of Inquisition Just to Our South”

    The TN legislators who want teachers and counselors to “out” gay kids might well be coaxing the latter toward suicide. The moral and legal implications of such a bill shows how insane those legislators have become. This is among the crazier bills I’ve ever seen in this “Dark Age” of 21st-century Amurka.

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