Nobama Is Takin Yer Guns! Big Brother! 9/11!!!1!

The top Democrat in the Senate said Tuesday that lawmakers should redouble their efforts to replace looming across-the-board cuts to the Pentagon and domestic programs with alternative spending cuts and tax hikes. [HuffPo]

When Greg Dike became the director — and only employee — of Habitat for Humanity’s Rowan County unit more than two years ago, he thought he knew the mission. Then that mission got a whole lot bigger. [H-L]

A top National Rifle Association official says proposing more gun control laws without better enforcement of those already on the books is not a serious solution to crime. [HuffPo]

Things that do not go well with running for the United States Senate: divorcing your husband. Especially when you spend half your life tweeting about how great your marriage is. [WLKY]

Another big bank fox guarding the big bank henhouse? You don’t say! [NY Times]

A McDougal Drive resident fired a shot and held a man at gunpoint Thursday who is suspected of breaking into the resident’s vehicle. [Richmond Register]

Republicans in the Virginia Senate made headlines Jan. 20 when they rammed through legislation that would concentrate the state’s Democratic voters into fewer districts. [ProPublica]

Again, the Kentucky Retirement Systems/CERS has done nothing about the tens of thousands the auditor’s office say should have gone to the pension system. Sources at both KRS and the auditor’s office say KRS just shrugs its shoulders over the missing cash and will likely try to blame the inaction on manpower. [H-L]

Six weeks after the massacre of 26 people at a Connecticut school ignited new calls to fight gun-related violence, the issue reaches the U.S. Congress on Wednesday amid questions about whether lawmakers will be able to agree on significant legislation. [Reuters]

One of the first two men convicted of terrorism charges in Kentucky was sentenced to life in prison Tuesday, while his co-defendant was given 40 years. [C-J/AKN]

Help, help, Fox News is bein’ repressed. Fox’s token liberal Kirsten Powers has composed a magnificent cri de butthurt about President Obama’s relentless campaign to destroy “the one television news outlet in America that won’t fall in line and treat him as emperor.” [Wonkette]