Real Pension Reform Is Not Going To Happen

A sharp drop in Eastern Kentucky coal production has created million-dollar budget shortfalls that could bring layoffs and tax increases to some coal counties. [H-L]

Of course Kentucky is one of the worst states in the country for pregnant rape victims. [HuffPo]

Overhauling the troubled state pension system is a complex task mired for years in partisan fights over funding and policies. But with the system in financial meltdown, many lawmakers at least hope to have a framework for reform by the end of the 30-day session that resumes Feb. 5. [C-J/AKN]

If Americans knew what bullets did to human flesh, they’d support gun control. So perhaps they should be shown in living colour what bullets do to small bodies. A mere description is insufficient for the literal-minded. [The Star]

You’ll really enjoy reading the latest column from Ronnie Ellis about Rand Paul. It makes one wonder: Could Paul be just another politician willing to say whatever advances his ambition after all? [Ronnie Ellis]

We get the paranoia over assault weapons and typical gun nut asshats. But assuming everyone with a conceal carry is going to shoot someone in the leg accidentally? Liberals need to get a grip. [Daily Kos]

Despite a request from Gov. Steve Beshear to put off redistricting until later this year, state House Speaker Greg Stumbo is moving forward with getting proposals on the divisive issue. [WTVQ]

Remember Scott Brown? Turns out, he learned how to use the Twitter and it is funny. [Wonkette]

What happened to the Tea Party in Kentucky? Some argue the sun has set on what was once a popular movement. [WDRB]

In the summer of 2007, the owners of Harborside Health Center, then and now the most prominent medical marijuana dispensary in the U.S., were reflecting on their rapid rise. [HuffPo]

Lawmakers are playing down one possible scenario in the pension reform debate — that the General Assembly will latch onto a drastically simpler reform bill if broader reforms fail to gain traction. Several smaller reform measures are returning to the legislature this year. [C-J/AKN]

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