McConnell’s Tea Party Outreach Is Not Working

Beyond all the references to “leftists” from “San Francisco” in Mitch McConnell’s latest email blast (and the referral to McConnell as “Leader” instead of Minority Leader), there’s one interesting paragraph from his campaign manager:

One of the reasons I was hired for this job was because of my longstanding friendships I made with the TEA Party conservatives during the year I spent living in Rand Paul’s basement as senior advisor and campaign manager. I know the real grassroots, and I share Leader McConnell’s commitment to carry their voices to Washington, not allow them to be cynically co-opted by radical liberals.

It seems Benton’s attempt to appeal to the tea partiers isn’t working out so swell for Mitch. Now Benton is attempting to paint himself as just a regular man on the street, just cold chilling in Rand Paul’s basement for a while.

All it takes is a few minutes on the various Paul-centric forums to discover that Benton lives in a monster house he got after receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars from Ron Paul. Hardly the commoner approach.

And with all the references to lefties in San Francisco lately, it’s almost as if Benton is itching to dredge up the “Mitch is a closet case” rumors again.