Colorado Gets A Leg Up On Kentucky Re: Hemp

With recreational marijuana now legal in Colorado, small-scale pot shops will open up soon in places like Denver and Boulder. But that’s not the only business that could get a boost: Large-scale commercial farmers may also be in line to benefit. [NPR]

Uh, a state agency – in Kentucky – is claiming that higher priced higher education leads to better jobs and salaries. Let’s think about that for a second. Yeah, let’s make education even more unaffordable for the average Kentuckian. Makes sense. [H-L]

Of course this is how wignut “home schoolers” try to “educate” their children. Absolute hilarity that you can’t avoid checking out. [Wonkette]

Most credible Democrats in Kentucky believe Ashley Judd becoming a U.S. Senator is nothing more than a fantasy. A real candidate with the ability to use an existing machine (because KDP doesn’t have one) needs to step up and soon if they have any hopes at beating McConnell. [C-J/AKN]

Mexico City plans to draw drinking water from a mile-deep aquifer, according to a report in the Los Angeles Times. The Mexican effort challenges a key tenet of U.S. clean water policy: that water far underground can be intentionally polluted because it will never be used. [ProPublica]

The Kentucky Department of Corrections and the state’s Department of Protection and Advocacy are releasing a statewide directory for inmates with disabilities aimed at helping those released from prison find food, housing, clothing assistance and employment. [WKYT]

President Barack Obama urged gun control advocates to listen to views of rural Americans who use guns for hunting and said bridging a cultural divide in attitudes to gun ownership will be critical to his administration’s push to curb gun violence. [Reuters]

Even the hardcore Rand Paul people are rolling their eyes really hard at this effort to find a tea party challenger for Mitch McConnell. [Click the Clicky]

The origins of HIV can be traced back millions rather than tens of thousands of years, research suggests. HIV, which causes Aids, emerged in humans in the 20th Century, but scientists have long known that similar viruses in monkeys and apes have existed for much longer. [BBC]

That sound you hear is Fontaine Banks holding a get-together with Andy Barr. Oh, the hilarity. Oh, the hilarity. Oh, the hilarity. Andy didn’t bother looking into that mess, it seems. [Deep Political Funtimes]

Police in eastern Kentucky say copper thieves have been cutting power lines and creating an electrocution risk for themselves and anyone walking near the poles. [H-L]

Is it sad or hilarious that Democrats are trying to fund a teabagger to primary Mitch McConnell? They apparently don’t remember when Jack Conway got his ass handed to him by the craziest teabagger of them all. Kentuckians will vote for the teabagger in droves. [Politico]

Some hilarity for you: We hear through various tea party and teabagger (they’re different) channels that David Adams is “considering” running against Mitch McConnell. [PEE ALERT]

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  1. I couldn’t believe that such a headline was possible, so had to check. Indeed: “Higher priced higher ed leads to better jobs, salaries.” I’ve gotta get me some of that thing these guys are smokin’. Really…

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