This Medicaid Mess Is About To Get Way Messier

At a time when the state is scrambling for revenue and wrestling with Medicaid costs and managed care, it might have to repay $60 million in federally disallowed supplemental payments to primary care centers. [Ronnie Ellis]

Some education experts say the opportunity to take advanced classes is critical to helping low-income students succeed later in life. But opportunity doesn’t always equal achievement. [ProPublica]

A vodka and rum distillery in Maine owned by the maker of Jim Beam bourbon is closing down and eliminating about 160 jobs. Beam Inc. announced Thursday that production at its Lewiston plant will gradually be phased out over the next year and operations moved to Frankfort, Ky. The transition is expected to be complete in April 2014. [H-L]

John Kerry urged Congress to fix the U.S. economy to ensure America’s role as a world leader and pledged to keep pressure on Iran at a Senate hearing on Thursday that left little doubt he will win easy confirmation as secretary of state. [Reuters]

Powell County deputies say an abused woman ate dog food to survive. It was a tip to the Powell County Sheriff’s Department that sent deputies and social workers to the home of Ruby Richardson. The 49-year-old now faces charges related to the care, or lack of, that police say she gave to a woman who couldn’t take care of herself. [WKYT]

Americans want Washington to keep its hands off their Medicare. That’s the gist of a poll released Thursday showing that the public isn’t ready for the dramatic changes in Medicare that are under discussion to help control the nation’s finances. [Politico]

Louisville is absolutely freaking out about Kentucky’s gun regulations. People can now openly carry a firearm in any city-owned facility in Kentucky — including libraries, parks, the zoo, city council chambers and city hall — thanks to a revision made to state law last year. [C-J/AKN]

Voters in a majority of Greenup cities sided with those in the unincorporated parts of the county to reject alcohol sales. But there were some notable exceptions. [Ashland Independent]

The Kentucky Court of Appeals has overturned a $24.7 million jury verdict against Texas-based Atmos Energy stemming from a lawsuit by landowners who claimed they didn’t get their rightful royalties from an oil and gas project. [H-L]

What the 2012 election would look like under the Republicans’ vote-rigging plan. Republicans have a new strategy for 2016: Change the rules of presidential elections in order to swing the electoral college in the GOP’s favor. [HuffPo]

Breaking News! It is winter and wintry things are happening outside. [WDRB]

Are you bereft? Are you weeping? Are you yearning, deeply, for new Orly Taitz news? Of course you are! [Wonkette]

Looks like there are maybe a few problems brewing for an Elkton Police officers who allegedly attempted to buy narcotics while on duty. [Ruh Ro]

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