Ripe Teabagger Hypocrisy Rears Its Head Again

Oh, the sound of teabaggers freaking out over Mitch McConnell. It’s often hilarious.

This week, though, it’s hypocrisy instead of humor. Take Cathy Flaig for instance. She attacks McConnell for not earmarking money for a new bridge:

Cathy Flaig, former president of the Northern Kentucky Tea Party, which covers Boone, Kenton, Campbell and Grant counties, said Tuesday her group “willingly signed” the news released issued by the United Kentucky Tea Party.

“Truth be told, most Tea Party members I know in Kentucky are polite to Sen. McConnell but not enthusiastic at all about him,” said Flaig. “My question is, what has he done for Kentucky?”

An issue of strong interest in Northern Kentucky, she said, is the building of a new bridge across the Ohio River that will require tolls.

“The federal government can build a bridge in Afghanistan in eight months without tolls. Why not in Northern Kentucky?” she said. “He’s Senate minority leader. It seems like he could do something to help Kentucky.”

Flaig said she does not know whether the Tea Party will find a candidate next year to run against McConnell.

“I just know he’s not as well liked as he thinks he is,” she said.

Never mind that it was the teabaggers of the “tea party” that demanded a ban on all earmarks. That was something McConnell pretended he was helping to enforce among Republicans in Congress.

So… of course the teabaggers hate him. Because he did what they demanded? Or something like that.

1 thought on “Ripe Teabagger Hypocrisy Rears Its Head Again

  1. Someone should check to see if any of these “tea party leaders” were smart enough to graduate 8th grade, much less high school. Thinking McConnell can write a check for the $3 billion or so that’s needed to replace the Spence Bridge would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

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