Mitch McConnell Has Something To Complain About

Mitch McConnell is back to complaining about Democratic budgets and taxes, claiming spending should be cut:

Maybe it’s true that spending should be cut. But shouldn’t the money that does get spent be spent more wisely? I.E., audited on the regular? Maybe without so much waste, fraud and abuse?

His posturing falls on deaf ears because he’s spent decades flushing cash down the drain, never holding his friends accountable for their rampant spending.

1 thought on “Mitch McConnell Has Something To Complain About

  1. “Mitch’s Tax & Spend Favorites”

    Empress Elaine: “I love you, Mitch. Whenever you speak about cutting spending and taxes, you always protect the rich and the military, the backbones of this great nation.”

    Mitch: “Yeah, Hon. I love the wealthy because they’re like us. And I guard the armed forces budget because I feel so guilty for beating the draft.”

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