Kentucky’s International Rep Gets Even Worse

The foreigners have once again highlighted some craziness in Kentucky:

16.8 million
Applications in 2012 to purchase firearms, up from 8.5 million in 2002, according to the FBI. Kentucky saw the most firearm applications this year at 2.3 million

We thought it was worthy of a Friday news dump.

1 thought on “Kentucky’s International Rep Gets Even Worse

  1. Let’s see: almost 14% of all U.S. permit requests are from Kentucky, yet Kentucky comprises only 1.4% of the total population?

    Permit requests at 10 times the population rato???

    Yeah (sigh), that’s about right. Thanks a bunch, Rand Paul and the blessed NRA, and the Tea Party and the. . . . . , well, you know who you are.

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