Even MSU Knows That Saving Energy Is Important

Kentucky Democrats are warning a Senate campaign by actress Ashley Judd may be unrealistic — and even harmful — to the party. The funny thing is Jennifer Moore – of all people – pretending that Ashley Judd has recently lived in Kentucky and knows a lot about the state. Even better? This story proves the attitude we said she had at the Kentucky Society Ball. [The Hill]

Lexington Police say a woman and her father were loading groceries into their car, when a stranger drove up beside them. The driver stole the woman’s purse. [WKYT]

Russia held out an olive branch to the United States on Wednesday by calling for an improvement in ties, but chided Washington over “odious” human rights legislation and denounced Western policy on Syria. [Reuters]

Morehead State University expects to save more than $775,000 annually in utility costs through an energy savings performance contract, university officials said Tuesday. [Ashland Independent]

President Obama made history in his inaugural address when he mentioned Stonewall in the same breath as Selma, the Alabama town considered the birthplace of the black-rights movement, and Seneca Falls, the upstate New York site of the first women’s-rights convention. [NPR]

It’s probably time for Richard Beliles to stop talking, as he has little concept of military internet security. There’s very little reason military personnel abroad couldn’t securely vote electronically. It’s far more secure than mailing a ballot across the globe (or even across the state). [CN|2]

The consequences of climate change are now hitting the United States on several fronts, including health, infrastructure, water supply, agriculture and especially more frequent severe weather, a congressionally mandated study has concluded. [Scientific American]

Steve Beshear’s office says KY auto manufacturers produced more than 1 million vehicles in 2012, best output since 2007. [Press Release]

The 143-year-old National Rifle Association has not always been like today’s NRA, fighting every gun control law as if the essence of American freedom depends on every citizen owning a gun. What follows are a series of shocking quotes taken from various academic histories of the NRA by top officials within the organization supporting reasonable gun control laws. [AlterNet]

Gov. Steve Beshear endorsed a constitutional amendment Wednesday to allow local option sales taxes, joining the mayors of Kentucky’s biggest cities and Greater Louisville Inc. in backing the concept to create a local funding alternative for local projects. [C-J/AKN]

Google responded to 88% of government orders in the U.S. and turned down 12%. Twelve percent is a scary number because it means Google believes the requests are illegal. [ACLU]

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) released a Robocall during the weekend to his constituents calling President Barack Obama’s gun control package “just plain wrong” and vowed to fight “tooth and nail” against it. [Politico]

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3 thoughts on “Even MSU Knows That Saving Energy Is Important

  1. The CDC report in 2003 said their research showed that gun laws had no evident reduction or increase in violent crime. Has there been a more recent report to show this is not true? Or are we just tired of crimes committed with guns?

    To be honest, I’m tired of hearing the gun debate because it’s two sides who make arguments void of facts (The ones that get ink and air time).

  2. “To See the Whites of Their Eyes”

    Empress Elaine: “Mitch, I can’t thank you enough for protecting me and our humble abode against that brazen Obama, who would take away your military assault rifle while I cower in the basement.”

    Mitch: “Well said, Dear. I missed the opportunity to carry a military rifle when I bowed out of Vietnam. One of my biggest regrets in life. But I’m still here–and that’s more important.”

  3. I am old enough to remember when Lexington’s blue laws sent shoppers flocking to Richmond and Winchester on Sundays.

    If you want to see the economies of counties such as Bullitt, Shelby, Oldham, Scott, Franklin, Clark and Madison flourish, let Lexington and Louisville pass a local sales tax. Those who might otherwise shop in the larger counties will instead opt to shop in the outlying counties where the tax rate will be less.

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