What’s With All The Silly Ashley Judd Hype?

We hear through the grapevine that Ashley Judd showed up late to the Kentucky Society Ball this weekend and was seated by herself for a time. When her publicist threw a fit? They tried to get the governor to take her and he refused. Until there was time for a photo op, that is. And that’sā€¦ something.

Her politics may be in line with the personal beliefs of many liberals (like us!) but she is neither a citizen of Kentucky nor acutely aware of the Commonwealth’s wants and needs. She’s not politically attuned to Kentucky whether we liberals like it or not.

She’s a terrific person and arguably one of the most prominent activists in America but her celebrity status does not lend itself to being appreciated by everyday Kentuckians who vote.

You can’t expect a celebrity constantly tweeting things like: this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this and this to be considered a commoner.

Kentucky needs someone to run who knows what it’s like not to live on more than $40,000 or $50,000 per year representing its people. Someone who doesn’t get to jet off to the south of France at a moment’s notice. Someone involved on a daily basis in the Commonwealth. Not an actress who occasionally shows up for basketball games as her film career permits. The negative television commercials write themselves from her Twitter feed alone.

We all love Ashley Judd but she’s not representative of the people no matter how you slice it. She’s just the flavor of the moment of prominent liberals like John Yarmuth and folks deluded by wishful thinking who rightfully dislike Mitch McConnell’s destructive politics.

7 thoughts on “What’s With All The Silly Ashley Judd Hype?

  1. Let’s see:

    1) Relatively lengthy post on a topic, as opposed to standard re-linking to others content, or shilling for whomever is paying to go after KRS. – CHECK!

    2) Reiteration/affirmation in same post of liberal credentials (“like us!”), thus provide child-psychology-like deniability of future collusion. CHECK!

    3) Deep-checked details of twitter account, similar to what is performed, and leaked, in campaign opposition research. CHECK!

    Now comes the wait for the next anti-Judd post, claiming again to be in agreement with her positions, but also including talking points and opp research-type facts.

    Guess who’s making bank early…? Congratulations Jake. You’ll have a least a couple of months on the Jennings/Benton payroll until she drops.

    Odds of this post being approved: 1-1000

  2. Ashley is a good actor and a somewhat effective activist for the various causes she holds dear, but she is not someone who, this cycle, should run for the senate. If she really wants to run, sometime, move home and get involved with state politics & causes.
    What is funny is the multitude of well known Democratic potential McConnell opponents who are too scared to run. I guess they are all hiding at home watching the last 20 minutes of Fargo over & over & over…….

  3. Beshear and crew have failed at making the KDP a functional center of the party. The rest of us share the blame for allowing him to do so. McConnell wins easily…yet again.

  4. Uh, who would be paying me to go after Kentucky Retirement Systems? Who on earth would pay me to go after the hands that feed me? What the fuck kind of delusion is THAT?

    Who am I in collusion with? I have the balls to stand up with my name behind what I say. Unlike you. Unlike the Beshear. Unlike the rest of your friends at the University of Kentucky. You Mark Riddle pussies need to get a grip.

    It took about 45 seconds to link to her random Twitter photos. Where’s the opposition research?

    You have no idea what it costs to advertise here. Ad space here is at a premium. You may want to check yourself before alleging I’m on the payroll of anybody. If you’ve forgotten, I have the sense enough to stand up for myself and to go as far as I need to go to protect my ability to earn a living – which includes suing to find out who attempted to defame me last year and finding out who it was, who paid them, everyone around them and all the names of individuals they interacted with.

    Wanna make allegations about me? Be prepared for me to run circles around you.

    That said – I could be much more nasty about Ashley Judd. I could talk about how unstable and crazy she allegedly is (McConnell camp talking point). I could talk about her fucked up family – like we all have. I could talk about the way in which she prefers to travel. We could discuss what she does abroad. But that would mean she’s a serious candidate and she is not. She’s a John Yarmuth wet dream about that’s about it as a U.S. Senate candidate.

    Her being a solid human rights activist and supporter of animals doesn’t make her a good politician.

  5. If Ashley is serious about running for the Senate, she will establish residency in Kentucky immediately so our side can’t use the claim “lives in Tennessee to avoid paying state income tax” against her. She won’t be able to accuse anyone of not paying their fair share as long as she lives in the income tax haven that is the Volunteer State.

  6. I’ll vote for whomever the Dems come up with against Mitch, but I, too, hope it isn’t Judd. She’s far too easily attacked, and McConnell wrote the book many times over on dirty campaigning. Better find someone who has no social media footprint and moderate beliefs, as well as Kentucky resident status and some positive experience. Crit Luallen, anyone?

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