Little Rand Will Control Your Ladyparts, Ladies

Oh, look, it’s Rand Paul focusing on the economy and job creation:

Can’t wait til he officially starts running for pretzeldent so he can be truly scrutinized by an opponent with millions of dollars. Because that’s something Jack Conway’s incompetent crew were not capable of doing.

Meanwhile, in Alabama? Women are being terrorized:

If anyone needs to buy a sharp coat hanger, give us a yell.

1 thought on “Little Rand Will Control Your Ladyparts, Ladies

  1. Don’t know who said it but it is so true: If men were the one who got pregnant, not only would abortion be legal, it would be a sacrament.

    I saw a right to life commercial on TV last night. It said that most women getting abortions are getting their 2nd , 3rd or even 10th. How did they get this alleged “statistic”? When I see each and every right to lifer adopting unwanted children, then we can talk!!

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