Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid In Frankfort

Especially when the state’s pension system is the worst in the nation (meaning it’s one of the worst financial systems in the entire world) and you’re tasked with conducting audits of that corrupt system.

Here’s what Adam Edelen mused on Facebook last week about Lexington’s mini-pension fight:

If only it were that easy on the state level, Adam, if only it were that easy.

Here’s a John Cheves story about it all.

1 thought on “Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid In Frankfort

  1. I believe a solution like this can be achieved for CERS which is around half police and fire, but only if CERS can escape from the sinking ship at KRS.
    As long as CERS is comingled with the worst funded state plan in the country KERS, it will contine to flounder.

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