Millions In Lobbying Dollars Still Corrupt Frankfort

John Schaaf of the Legislative Ethics Commission is still butt hurt about being called out for doing absolutely nothing on the ethics front. He stopped sending us his monthly update release out of bitterness and he thinks that’ll accomplish something.

So go look at the mountain of cash that gets spent, causing people like Schaaf to sit on their hands and to attack anyone who questions their government-paid work:

630 corporations and groups and their legislative agents spent a record $17.8 million lobbying the 2012 General Assembly, according to reports filed with the Kentucky Legislative Ethics Commission.

That is up from $15.1 million in 2011 and surpasses the previous record of $16.9 million set in 2008, according to commission records.

“It’s distressing to me because the vast majority of the groups that spend the most are big companies and associations which, naturally, are spending in their self-interest,” said Richard Beliles, chairman of Common Cause of Kentucky, a nonprofit that promotes open and ethical government in the state. “It dilutes the influence of folks with little money.

This is only part of the reason Kentucky can’t have nice things.