Is This Some Retiree Wishful Thinking? Sadly, Yes

From Kentucky Government Retirees about the upcoming pension debacle:


As has been posted here extensively, the Senate plans to introduce Senate Bill 2 around Feb. 5. This bill is expected to establish an inferior retirement plan for future hires, permanently eliminate COLAs, and pack the KRS board with political appointees.

Here’s our plan for informing the public about the harm this bill will cause. SB 2 (and its House counterpart) will be assigned to a committee. We will post here a list of the committee members, and those of you who live in a committee member’s district will be provided with a draft letter to send to your legislator’s home address. You will also be provided with a draft letter to the editor to send to your local newspaper.

As the bills make their way through the legislature, constituents will continue to contact our legislators in the relevant committees and send out letters to the editor.

At some point, we also need to contact the Governor to urge him to veto the Pension Destruction Bill. Whether we do this before a bill is actually passed is something to think about. Maybe it’s not either/or—write to him as soon as the bill is introduced, then later if it passes.

It’s nice to see people attempting to stop a train wreck. Unfortunately, they should know by now that reaching out to legislators like that accomplishes nothing on the pension front because none of the legislators are even attempting to understand the issue.

Nothing will change until the system collapses and everyday meemaws and poppops are forced into action.