Remember Todd Hollenbach? He Still Does Things

Sure, Todd Hollenbach is the forgotten elected in Frankfort. Sure, he does everything like a 12-year-old attempting to mimic is father (which, well, let’s not go there).

So it will likely come as a surprise to you that $134,000 in unclaimed property was handed out in Magoffin County recently.

What won’t come as a surprise to you?


That’s the hilarious close-up of the bill Hollenbach hands out to people. Pee alert-worthy.

Yes, that’s how he spends the few hours each week doing his job.

2 thoughts on “Remember Todd Hollenbach? He Still Does Things

  1. I want to know if those bills were made with state funding?? Thank you Jake for bringing this to everyone’s attention. If Mr. Hollenbach were a Republican of course it would be in every newspaper right now.

  2. Everyone knows Adam Edelen and Jamie Comer are sitting at home tonight mad because they didn’t think of this!

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