Frankfort City Commissioner Chaps Some Rear End

Check out these remarks from outgoing Frankfort City Commissioner Sellus Wilder during his final meeting last month in Frankfort:

It’s a bit of an indictment on the crookedness of City Hall and the public’s willful ignorance/willingness to accept the corruption as business as usual.

It’s a story that could be told in most of Kentucky’s larger cities and definitely on the state level. Because there’s just a general culture of corruption. A culture of attacking the messenger, going after critics (some of us fight back), turning a blind eye, sweeping things under the rug, scratching backs, lining pockets, never taking responsibility.

Wilder, it should be noted, was the most vocal force in the push for transparency in Frankfort city government. He is responsible for nearly everything that’s occurred on that front and caused quite a stir with the mayor in the beginning.

5 thoughts on “Frankfort City Commissioner Chaps Some Rear End

  1. He also got a DUI and raised taxes with a very unpopular new garbage plan. That’s the real reason he didn’t get re-elected… as if being an angry, arrogant, little sh#t wasn’t reason enough. I think the public gave him great latitude, he just went too far and his demise had little to do with the pursuit of transparency and good govt. A lot to do with his ego, temperment and the trash collection deal.

  2. Do we really need to talk about DUIs? Half of Frankfort has multiple DUIs. I’ve been in vehicles with elected officials as they were drinking and driving.

    If you work for Louisville Metro Government – like Mike Heitz of Metro Parks – you get raises when driving drunk in city vehicles and you get caught by a teevee station.

    Complain anonymously all you want about your trash cans or the guy having a DUI. I don’t see you standing up for anything. I don’t see you pushing for transparency. I don’t see you putting the commission meetings online and fighting the shit-for-brains mayor in the process.

    You’re probably Pat Melton or his folks who spend 24/7 refreshing Page One in fear that I’ll discuss his corrupt divorce case or his many other foibles.

    Or maybe you’re just every other Frankfort coward who can’t stand being questioned or held accountable.

  3. I notice that the guy named “Observer” was afraid to put his name to what he said. What a jackass. It must be EASY to say ANYTHING when you don’t put your name behind it. Veerrrrrry Brave, Observer! If your opinion was worth anything, you wouldn’t have to hide your identity.

  4. I think the new garbage plan is great. I see neighbors using the recycling bins who never recycled before. It costs more for people who generate the most waste – that seems totally fair to me. I truly believe it will save money in the long run.

    Anyway, I am sad to see Wilder go. He was the only commissioner to even make an attempt to keep the public informed about what was going on in city government.

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