Carter County Is One Of The Most Corrupt In KY

Wow, Carter County just won’t quit with the stupidity and corruption.

Check this video from late December:

Threatening to kick a critic out of a fiscal court meeting for patting someone on the back. It’s a shame that critic, Mignon Colley, didn’t get up and cause an actual scene.

Yesterday, she was told that if she smiles, she’ll be permanently removed from all fiscal court proceedings.

3 thoughts on “Carter County Is One Of The Most Corrupt In KY

  1. I don’t see it as corrupt, but the entire process is comical. Yay Carter County! It is like a circus, but no wrong doing has been substantiated as yet. Time will tell the story. This is just another case of politics where neither side likes the other.

  2. Perhaps smiling would be more acceptable…if Wallace would schedule the meetings at a different time of the month…perhaps a week after he’s scheduled to be off his period…and he’s less hormonal…

  3. I honestly believe Wallace doesn’t have a “beef” per say with Mignon…if anything it’s just the opposite…he’s intimidated by her…when she’s around…he knows whatever sneaky thing he’s trying to do..will be brought to the public’s attention and called to the carpet on it…something he tries desperately to avoid by continuously scheduling the meetings in the middle of a work day where the people of the county can’t attend…his remarks about her patting someone on the back…or her smiling…are nothing more than desperate attempts to distract the focus away from his more than obvious ignorance …if he was a professional person and truly knew and were confident in what he was doing…a person could basically get up in the meeting and start singing the battle hymn of the republic and it a)wouldn’t phase him and b)he’d not even acknowledge it…instead…he acts like the rat he is…pushed up against a wall…and the only way out is to distract and make a cowardly attempt to run…aka…call her out…what he doesn’t realize is…Mignon’s just one of many that realize he’s an idiot…and he can’t ban her from attending meetings…that goes against her constitutional rights…and if he does try…well bless his heart…he’s too ignorant to realize…that someone else will just step in and take her place…I think everyone needs to attend the next meeting and sit there with smiles from ear to ear…and constantly pat the back of the person beside them…

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