You’re Probably Part Of The Sucker Class, Meemaw

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Why are state schools issuing bonds now instead of later on down the road? You’ll probably want to check these comments out. [We Get Great Comments]

Finally, we have a term for all of those people who’ve gotten screwed over by the bailouts: “The sucker class.” [HuffPo]

Garrard County Schools Superintendent Donald Aldridge will step down at the end of the school year. [H-L]

President Barack Obama, who has tried to limit the influence of money in politics, is relying on federal contractors and businesses that profited from his campaign to pay as much as $1 million for his inauguration party later this month. [Reuters]

Despite a request for delay from an attorney representing one property owner, the Richmond City Commission declared its intent Tuesday to annex two small parcels of property surrounded by the city on Boggs Lane. [Richmond Register]

Coming off the most expensive election in the country’s history, the Securities and Exchange Commission is weighing a move to force public companies to stop hiding their political spending of shareholders’ dollars. [Politico]

This couple had a history of crazy domestic violence but were still in possession of a firearm. And look what happens. An apparent murder-suicide. [WKYT]

Very Serious Person, Paul Ryan, is focusing on jobs with a new bill about one-celled embryos. Because Jesus and Markets or something. [Wonkette]

The 2012 election was the most expensive in history, with a pricetag as high as $6 billion. This staggering amount brought with it many broken barriers: the first $1 billion presidential candidate, the first $70 million Senate campaign, the first $20 million House candidate, and a record $1 billion spent by independent groups, which failed to disclose a record amount. [HuffPo]

People are stepping up to help with the funeral costs for the family of a father and four children who were killed Wednesday in a house fire in Pike County. [H-L]