More Details On Those University Bond Projects

Earlier, Papaw Beshear & Friends announced eleventeen zillion dollars in agency bonds to fund university projects that allegedly don’t cost the taxpayer.

Here are the currently announced projects:

Morehead State University

  • Mignon Hall (residence hall) renovation, $9.2 million

Murray State University

  • Hester College dormitory renovation, $9.9 million
  • College Courts housing sprinkler system upgrade, $590,000
  • Capitol renewal projects (assorted facility improvements), $4.9 million

Northern Kentucky University

  • Residence hall acquisition and renovation, $12 million
  • Albright Health Center renovation, $45 million

University of Kentucky

  • Gatton College of Business and Economics renovation, $40 million (plus $25 million in cash raised by UK through private philanthropy)
  • Commonwealth Stadium renovation, $110 million
  • Academic Science Building construction, $100 million ($65 million of which will be supported by athletics revenue)

University of Louisville

  • Student Activities Center renovation, $9.6 million

Western Kentucky University

  • Honors College and International Center construction, $22 million

Wanna see specifics?


This will be interesting to watch.

3 thoughts on “More Details On Those University Bond Projects

  1. WKU, EKU, Morehead, Murray all have their non teacher employees in KERS which is 27% funded. The new accounting rules will make them show this liability for the first time next year, that is why they need to issue bonds now, before investors discover this.

  2. In the end it is students, parents and taxpayers who will pay for all these monuments (necessary or not), since universities have virtually no other significant revenue streams. And the “jobs created” claim is as always overstated by a factor of five or more.

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