Jamie Comer Continues Downward Paranoia Spiral

Jamie Comer’s paranoia – and this is according to his own staffers who pretend to sing his praises – is getting crazier and crazier.

His latest anti-EPA meltdown illustrates just how out-of-touch he’s becoming and illustrate what they’re saying privately:

Comer said he’s worried that EPA will impose regulations on how much fertilizer farmers can spread on their fields.

However, EPA officials and the Kentucky Division of Water, which is responsible for coming up with the cleanup plan, agree that EPA doesn’t have the authority to do place limits on fertilizer applications and farm runoff.

“EPA does not limit how much fertilizer a farmer can put on their fields,” said Davina Marraccini, an EPA spokeswoman, in an email exchange.


Comer said he’s heard those assurances but remains wary about the EPA.

“I can’t answer that, whether they can or cannot (regulate fertilizer use),” he said, quickly adding: “We don’t want to find out.”

Of course he can’t answer it. It’s fitting, isn’t it? When the Commissioner of Agriculture in an agricultural state has no clue how fertilizer use is regulated. Comer has no clue what he’s talking about.

His lunatic fringe paranoia continues:

He elaborated further to The Farmer’s Pride, in which he was quoted in a Jan. 3 article as saying the EPA’s constituency includes “liberal college professors with an agenda.”

Comer also said it was the EPA conducting water sampling in the Floyds Fork watershed. EPA and Division of Water said there was no EPA water sampling. Only the Division of Water was sampling water.

Comer criticized the sampling anyway, saying it is not as robust as newer sampling methods by the U.S. Geological Survey in the Little River in western Kentucky that includes ways to pinpoint the source of pollutants, paid for with tobacco settlement funds.

This is reality:

“From our perspective … it seems like (Comer) is trying to pump up the base and not playing to facts and reality,” said Tim Joice, water policy director for the waterways alliance. “It’s using the EPA as a punching bag.”

But this?

For his part, Comer said: “I don’t want to be a Republican politician that says bad things about the EPA all the time.”

Jamie Teabagger shouldn’t do that all the time and people wouldn’t think he’s just a paranoid wingnut constantly complaining about the EPA.

Maybe if he focused a bit more on not trying to get in every small town newspaper (he wouldn’t visit candidates on the campaign trail in Western Kentucky last year unless they could guarantee him a photo op), he’d have more time for common sense and less time for teabagger hype.

4 thoughts on “Jamie Comer Continues Downward Paranoia Spiral

  1. This is disappointing. I thought he was a Republican/Tea Party-er that I might have been able to respect.

    Now, not so much.

    (At the least, he needs to be fed better information. And maybe better political advice?)

  2. I have done water testing for the Water Sentinels in Western Ky and I found that there are easy ways to help curb fertilizer run off. Mr. Comer would better serve our farming industry by not ignoring the facts and misinforming the public like Mitch McConnell and Fox News. Has Mr. Comer ever heard of the “dead zone” where the Mississippi River empties into the Gulf. The dead zone wasn’t created by mother nature, it is caused by fertilizer run off from states like ourselves and if we could just work with our farmers and pay them to plant perimeter screening that provides a better containment of fertilizer run off, we could have a win-win situation. But I beginning to believe that Republican leadership has built a wall to compromising so high that they can no longer see the light of the day. And that’s sad.

  3. Commissioner Comer has securely insulated himself with Mitch McConnel flunkies who keep away all the dark forces. He has nothing to worry about. The power of McConnel will keep him safe…..

  4. Pretty sure most of the folks working for him aren’t people Mitch McConnell is super-fond of. Maybe a couple but not all.

    That said – Jamie’s arrogant attitude about having the state police in his pocket (he does not) about getting on board with hemp legislation in the beginning (they opposed it – still do) should tell people just about everything they need to know.

    Beyond that, a handful of his staffers are career political employees who are flaking out left and right. Unless he cracks his whip and stops the teabagger paranoia, this is all just a fleeting moment for him as the only statewide elected Republican in a constitutional office at the moment.

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