The “Family” Foundation Spinning Its Wheels

Oh, look, it’s the Kentucky “Family” Foundation complaining about dead babies and gambling or something.

Here’s the fun email blast:

Dear Pastor/Leader – (Please forward to contacts in your area – we CAN be salt and light)

It has been over eight years since any pro-life bill has been considered on the Kentucky House Floor. And yet some leading House members have pushed gambling hard for more than a decade. This is simply wrong . . .

Starting TODAY, Jan. 8, the 2013 General Assembly will be meeting quietly for four days to organize – Tuesday, Jan. 8 thru Friday, Jan. 11. It will then break until Feb. 5 when it will work for six weeks and end in mid-March.

While they are “organizing” this week it would be good to tell legislators (when NOTHING ELSE IS HAPPENING) that you want pro-life legislation and that you don’t want gambling expansion. Your calls will be clearly heard in this “quiet” moment of time. (This is a “walls of Jericho moment.”)


A bulletin insert for use at your church THIS NEXT WEEKEND is attached. Calls in the next weeks will help because messages on the Message Line’s “green slips” will be on the legislators’ desks when they return Feb. 5. (Print, copy and cut the attachment in half.)

Make the calls with the faith that moves mountains! And the mountains WILL be removed.

Yours, most sincerely,

Kent Ostrander

Fun stuff, isn’t it? Politicizing religion and muddying the waters of church and state.

Here’s a look at the cute insert they included:


Any thinking person would rightly assume this “Family” Foundation is all about fear-mongering and risking the non-profit status of various poor churches around the state. Because it’s either that or they’re attempting to take advantage of people who can’t think for themselves in an attempt to line their pockets as they feign a fight against the evil libruls in Frankfort.