Pension Crisis Will Not Be Solved By Frankfort

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That sound you hear is Dudley Webb trying to screw something else up in Lexington. This thing? A children’s museum. We kid you not. [H-L]

Paul Krugman is worried about our future. The Nobel Prize-winning economist told a meeting of other prominent economists that we’re not doing enough in the short term to ensure that country’s long-term economic health is taken care of. [HuffPo]

Rep. Sannie Overly, D-Paris, Tuesday became the first woman ever elected to a Democratic state House leadership post, unseating Rep. Bob Damron, D-Nicholasville, for caucus chair. [Ronnie Ellis]

Cheer up, Congress! At least you are more popular than that dude who knocked up Rielle Hunter. [Wonkette]

Kentucky legislative leaders say solutions on how to pay for Kentucky’s underfunded pensions won’t likely be addressed in the 2013 legislative session, which began Tuesday. [WFPL]

The numbers are in: 2012, the year of a surreal March heat wave, a severe drought in the Corn Belt and a huge storm that caused broad devastation in the Middle Atlantic States, turns out to have been the hottest year ever recorded in the contiguous United States. [NY Times]

Thomas Massie took office two months ago and has already gained national attention for his votes against Republican leadership. And for his guns-in-schools idiocy. Can you imagine what a race he would have had if the KDP actually existed and a credible candidate had surfaced? [C-J/AKN]

Call time for Congress shows how fundraising dominates a bleak work life. [HuffPo]

Caren Brooks has reason to be hopeful about her daughter’s unsolved slaying more than two decades after someone slashed and stabbed her to death in a Woodford County field. [H-L]

Former Representative Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona is launching a group aimed at curbing gun violence, challenging the political clout of the well-funded gun lobby two years after she was shot in the head while meeting with constituents. [Reuters]

A Louisville man is sent to the hospital with a broken nose and two black eyes. He says it all happened at the hands of two metro police officers. But despite that, Johnathan Masters is the one who is now facing charges. It happened in early December of last year. [WDRB]