Mitch McConnell’s Feathers Finally Getting Ruffled

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There’s nothing more humorous than decades and decades of exploitation at the hands of the coal and natural gas industries, both of which have ravaged the landscape and choked its people in miserable jobs, hundreds of dark miles beneath the Earth’s surface. [Salon]

Reasonable force was used and officers complied with policies and procedures in the fatal shooting of a man by Frankfort police on Dec. 30, according to preliminary information from an internal administrative investigation released Tuesday by that department. [H-L]

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell twisted some fiscal facts in his appearances on the Sunday talk show circuit. []

How do you prevent hemp legislation from going anywhere in Frankfort? Get Perry Clark involved, of course! [WAVE3]

Mining and drilling in the United States cause all kinds of environmental trouble. Looks like Canada is having a similar experience with oilsands. Since some Kentucky legislators have been taken on paid promotional tours of oilsands operations in an attempt to bridge U.S-Canada ties, this is important to follow. [CBC]

The Jackson County Sheriff, Denny Peyman says it’s his top priority to tackle what he refers to as thirty years of corruption and a deep rooted drug problem across the county. [WKYT]

The powerful gun lobby, the National Rifle Association, is slated to meet with Vice President Joe Biden as he considers recommendations on how to respond to a mass shooting last month in Newtown, Connecticut, the White House said on Tuesday. [Reuters]

Major Pee Alert: Some mouth-breathers are freaking out about kids taking yoga classes. Because we all know it’s brainwashing “the children” and forcing them into Hinduism or whatever. [NPR]

This race thing at the University of Kentucky apparently is not going away any time soon. Here’s hoping UK’s administration comes to its senses and tries to fix this quickly. [Click the Clicky]

The feds have replaced the flawed foreclosure review with a vague $8.5 billion settlement. [ProPublica]

Police in Pulaski county are trying to piece together the scene where two people have been found dead. [WKYT]

1 thought on “Mitch McConnell’s Feathers Finally Getting Ruffled

  1. Don Stewart, a spokesman for McConnell, said the senator’s comment comparing the debts of the U.S. and Greece was “an analogy … not a statement of empirical precision.”
    Well if you ask me it was an “empirical lie” to compare our debt being as high percentage of GDP as Greece, but then again what can we expect from Mitch. Fear mongering and misinformation coming from our US Senator is an insult to our founding father’s and he should be held accountable for it.

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