Media Gets Loosely Excited Over Sannie Overly

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The foreclosure settlement leaves homeowners’ fate in banks’ hands. Meanwhile, Jack Conway continues to tout that mess in a new press release roughly every other day. [HuffPo]

You glad Sannie Overly defeated Bob Damron? You probably should be. She’s not exactly a homophobe and isn’t a vindictive mess of a Republican. Just don’t expect much to change. Overly is part of Stumbo’s world and has her job as a legislator because of Greg and his friends. [Deep Frankfort Thoughts]

Madison County is one of 26 counties in the state to receive grant funding to clean up illegal dump sites, which are becoming more of a common occurrence, according to Scott Tussey, the county’s solid waste director. [Richmond Register]

OMG! RED CHINA IS TAKING OVER EVERYTHING! In America and Europe, roughly half of patent applications are lodged by foreigners. [The Economist]

The federal fiscal cliff was averted, but an agreement that delayed decisions about major spending cuts until late February has Kentucky school officials worried about potential layoffs and lost services for needy students. [H-L]

Illinois lawmakers unveiled a plan Sunday they believe can fix the state’s huge pension crisis, but labor unions blasted the proposal and vowed to sue to protect their benefits. [Reuters]

No, we aren’t linking to the Ashley Judd stories because they’re beyond stupid. Getting excited about someone because they’re a celebrity is part of the reason Kentucky can’t have nice things. [Dream On]

Lawmakers are pleased a bill they passed last year has apparently reduced pain medication trafficking and abuse. But they’re just as unhappy they’re hearing a lot of complaints from doctors, hospitals and patients about the unintended consequences the bill has had on legitimate users and prescribers of the drugs. [Ronnie Ellis]

Remember rendition? Many people believe the practice of having terrorism suspects interrogated overseas was supposed to end when George W. Bush left office. [Mother Jones]

Lingering stigma and a lack of resources will compound the growing impact of Alzheimer’s disease as baby boomers enter retirement. And Linda J. Van Eldik, director of Lexington’s Sanders-Brown Center on Aging, is calling it a health care crisis. [H-L]

When word got out in November 2008 that president-elect Barack Obama was considering CIA veteran John Brennan to head the spy agency, human rights advocates raised a furious howl. [HuffPo]