KRS Shenanigans & Lobbying Go Hand-In-Hand

This August 2011 story about a limestone quarry sale seems harmless, right?

VantaCore Partners LP Announces Kentucky Limestone Quarry Acquisition

VantaCore Partners LP (“VantaCore”) announced that it has acquired the Cherry Grove limestone quarry from North American Limestone Corporation. This operation, located in Todd County, Kentucky, has an estimated 39 million tons of limestone reserves and serves the southwestern Kentucky and northwestern Tennessee markets.

The company will be managed by Chad Swallows, Winn Materials’ General Manager, and renamed Winn Materials of Kentucky.

The acquisition was financed with equity from Trilantic Capital Partners, Kayne Anderson Energy Development Company and Tortoise Capital Resources Corporation…


But let’s take a look at a bit of a timeline…

On 04/30/2009, Tortoise Capital Advisors paid Glen Sergeon an undisclosed amount of cash in the form of a placement agent fee to get Kentucky Retirement Systems to place $25 million with them.

In August 2011, as you read above, Tortoise bought a limestone quarry here in the Commonwealth.

And in August 2012? Two employees of that company registered as executive branch lobbyists:

  • Goldsmith, Andrew 2806 Tortoise Capital Advisors, LLC 8/27/12
  • Mojica, Abel 2807 Tortoise Capital Advisors, LLC 8/27/12

Just another day in the neighborhood.