Maybe The Mainstream Will Awaken On KRS Mess

There was a time last spring when it looked like The David School might not survive. After nearly four decades of helping students who’d had problems in public schools, the private school in a hollow outside the old Floyd County coal town of David was broke. [H-L]

The just-completed deal to resolve the so-called fiscal cliff has created an even greater cliff down the road. By the end of February, lawmakers will have to grapple with $1 trillion in sequestration cuts that are scheduled to take effect and the need for a debt limit increase. [HuffPo]

The dean of Kentucky’s congressional delegation, U.S. Rep. Hal Rogers, has begun his 33rd year representing the 5th District. [WKYT]

Breaking news: Bill O’Reilly has some thoughts about Asians and pinheads. [Wonkette]

Don’t miss Comment on Kentucky tonight at 8:00 P.M. Eastern on KET. It should be terrific with scheduled guests: Ronnie Ellis, John Cheves, Tom Loftus. [KET]

This Associated Press story about pension bonds adding risk to the public retiree crisis includes content from Roger Alford. But it’s sure not seeing much attention in the Commonwealth of Kentucky from the outlets that receive considerable advertising revenue from those responsible for the problems. [Yahoo!]

When will they do the same for Democrats? Protesters gathered in Louisville on Thursday to discuss a new report that details Senator Mitch McConnell’s campaign finance contributions. [WHAS11]

The centrist fantasy of a Grand Bargain on the budget never had a chance. Even if some kind of bargain had supposedly been reached, key players would soon have reneged on the deal — probably the next time a Republican occupied the White House. [NY Times]

Kentucky students in grades K-6 have a chance to win $1,500 toward college and $500 for their school in the “Dream Out Loud Challenge.” [Richmond Register]

Employers kept their pace of hiring virtually steady in December, falling short of the levels needed to bring down the country’s lofty unemployment rate and pointing to lackluster economic growth in 2013. [Reuters]

Shocker: Thomas Massie proves his lack of, you know, common sense. Again. Which comes as a surprise to no one. [CJ-AKN]

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Another Day, Another Piece For The KRS Puzzle

Let’s take another look at SAC Capital:

While Steve Cohen has been in the news lately because of former and current employees’ alleged involvement in insider trading, the hedge-fund manager has continued to do what he does best: make money.

SAC Capital International, Cohen’s flagship fund, was the world’s most-profitable hedge fund in the first 10 months of 2012, earning $789.5 million for Cohen, 56, and his managers


SAC Capital International is No. 1 not because of performance; it ties for No. 86 on that measure, with a 10 percent return in the Markets ranking of the 100 top-performing funds. Rather, the fund earned the most money because Cohen charges some of the highest fees on Wall Street. While most funds impose a 1 to 2 percent management fee and then take 15 to 20 percent of the profits, Cohen levies 3 percent and as much as 50 percent, according to investors.

Click here to read the rest from Bloomberg.

It gets really sticky.

Looks like even more fun for Kentucky Retirement Systems.

Steve Beshear Finally Gets It On Gambling!

Kentucky officials are seeking $7.1 million in damages from the company that operated a cargo ship that struck a bridge over the Tennessee River, causing the span to collapse. [H-L]

Why is that cop putting on rubber gloves and coming towards me, you might be wondering next time you are pulled over for littering and live in Texas and see a cop coming towards you wearing rubber gloves. [Wonkette]

It took the man how many years to finally realize the error of his ways? Steve Beshear said Thursday he may propose a casino amendment that doesn’t guarantee licenses or revenue to racetracks — saying it’s the only way to get it through the legislature. [C-J/AKN]

Time Warner Cable left the door open Thursday to the possibility of carrying Al Jazeera’s new U.S.-based network, which is set to replace Current TV following Wednesday’s acquisition. [HuffPo]

Republican Andy Barr was sworn in Thursday as representative for Central Kentucky’s 6th Congressional District. [H-L]

It began so optimistically. On November 16, after their first “fiscal cliff” session with President Barack Obama, the four leaders of Congress had stood in the driveway of the White House shoulder-to-shoulder for what is a rare photo these days, Republicans and Democrats together, smiling. [Reuters]

The country may have stepped back from the “fiscal cliff,” but another bloody partisan fight in Washington looms in the next two months. [Ronnie Ellis]

The number of guns confiscated at airports across the United States is on the rise, the Transportation Security Administration says. [NY Times]

You can’t even drink your coffee in Richmond these days without your gross, awful husband putting rat poison in it. [WKYT]

A police officer can’t pull you over and arrest you just because you gave him the finger, a federal appeals court declared Thursday. [HuffPo]

More and more Kentucky businesses are moving across the river to Indiana. Harrison County leaders expect to learn this month whether an unidentified Kentucky company will accept a $5 million offer to locate a new business near Interstate 64 at Lanesville. [C-J/AKN]

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