CERS Ballots Are Being Mailed This/Next Week

And that means CERS will have a new person at Kentucky Retirement Systems in a few months. Members have until March 1 to postmark their ballots.

Here they are:


  • Ed Davis
  • Betty Pendergrass
  • Rick Johnstone (He’s Jerry Abramson’s guy)
  • David Rich
  • Vince Lang (he’s Steve Beshear’s guy)


  • Helen Cottongim, a Boone County school bus driver with KEA, got on the ballot via petition with a minimum of 1,933 names

We hear David Rich and Ed Davis are being loosely supported by the KY Retirement group. Though, it seems Betty Pendergrass (a CPA) may be the only candidate who has experience dealing with the level financial issues that need to be addressed at KRS and CERS.

No clue who the front runner is but we guess it’s Vince Lang, as he’s already on the KRS board.

P.S. Two will win spots.

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  1. Ed Davis is retired JCPD. I believe he has been on the board before. He was always a straight arrow when he was a cop.

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