Wait! Stop The Presses! More KRS Fun Is Coming

Looks like Dory Wiley decided to register as a lobbyist (Warning: External PDF Link) just one month before his fund took a 13% dive:

  • Wiley, Dory 2756 Commerce Street Investment Management 7/16/12
  • Plumer, Kurtis 2757 Commerce Street Investment Management 7/16/12
  • Jakob, Richard 2758 Commerce Street Investment Management 7/16/12

Since Dory can’t use Glen Sergeon anymore, we can only imagine the fun that’s about to be had with KRS and various Frankfort legislators this session.

Who is Dory Wiley?

Remember Rick Perry’s buddy who paid $700,000 to Kentucky’s favorite placement agent?

Well… Commerce Street Partners fell of a cliff. 13.9% in a single month (August), according to Kentucky Retirement Systems (Warning: External PDF Link).

While the money isn’t huge, the percentage is off the charts. Its benchmark was up +0.79% for August (Warning: External PDF Link).

This guy in Dallas has written quite a bit about Dory Wiley of Commerce and placement agents in Texas.

Yep, still wondering why Kentucky can’t have nice things.