Probably Not A Fun Day For Rep. Porky Rogers

People on Kentucky’s lakes and rivers are getting a nasty shock that’s only going to get worse: 70-pound fish that leap out of the water and pummel them. Or flop around on a boat, spreading bloody slime. [H-L]

If you’ve been following our coverage of the Kentucky Retirement Systems disaster, you’ll probably want to read this. [Pension Pulse]

When several Colombian men were indicted in January 2010 on money-laundering charges, the case in Brooklyn federal court drew little attention. It looked like a bust of another nexus of drug traffickers and money launderers, with mainly small-time operatives paying the price for their crimes. [Reuters]

Artifacts recently unearthed during the filming of a new National Geographic Channel show appear to pinpoint the location of a turning point in the yearslong feud between the Hatfield and McCoy clans. [C-J/AKN]

It’s a little bit early, but the Tea Party is hitting its sophomore slump. A few of the prominent members of Congress elected as part of the Tea Party wave in 2010 lost their seats in November. [NPR]

Fewer teens in Kentucky are being sold tobacco products than their counterparts nationwide, but youth use of the drug continues to be widespread. [Ashland Independent]

Ruh ro, it appears that Hal Rogers is now in the middle of a slap fight over Sandy Relief funds. We’re sure he’d feel differently if the hurricane had devastated Eastern Kentucky. [CNN]

A $400,000 federal grant through the state Transportation Cabinet will help preserve history at the Battle of Richmond site. [Richmond Register]

Looks like Hal Rogers is getting the you-know-what from Chuck Schumer over the Sandy mess, as well. [The Hill]

The New Year may have gotten off to a dreary start, with rain, sleet and snow overnight, but that’s a contrast to 2012, which was the second warmest year on record in Lexington, according to the National Weather Service. [H-L]

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