Frankfort Will Melt Down In Just Another Week

Political spending by gun rights groups far outweighs that by gun control groups. Here, we break down just how wide the discrepancy is. [ProPublica]

The volcanic sand Joe Castillo works with is dark and fine, like a black talcum powder that glides over the light screen and produces image after image. [H-L]

The U.S. Senate packed an eclectic mix of handouts and takebacks into its last-minute deal to avoid the “fiscal cliff,” including a measure to repeal part of President Barack Obama’s signature healthcare overhaul and a string of special interest tax breaks. [HuffPo]

Would you take Skipper Martin’s advice on building unnecessary fountains and statues? [C-J/AKN]

The yen fell to a 18-month low against the euro while the dollar struggled against growth-linked currencies on Wednesday after U.S. lawmakers passed a bill to avoid a “fiscal cliff” of tax rises and spending cuts. [Reuters]

You might think the problem is people discriminating against gays, but you would be wrong: The problem is actually people discriminating against people discriminating against gays. [Wonkette]

There are at least two and probably three races for Democratic House leadership posts going on as lawmakers get ready to return to Frankfort next week. [Ronnie Ellis]

Rep. John Yarmuth praised House Speaker John Boehner on Tuesday for being willing to send the Senate-approved fiscal cliff deal to the floor while the GOP rank and file could withhold support unless the plan is amended. [Politico]

[Lexington] ministers will hold a memorial service in downtown Lexington on Saturday for the 28 children and adults shot in Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conn., on Dec. 14. The memorial in Triangle Park will take place at the same time as the Lexington Gun and Knife Show across the street in the Lexington Convention Center, said Rev. Woody Berry, pastor of Maxwell Street Presbyterian Church. [H-L]

As the House prepared to vote Tuesday evening on a Senate-passed bill to avert the fiscal cliff, prominent conservatives — both on and off Capitol Hill — lashed out. They considered the bill to be lousy and called each other sellouts and bad negotiators. [HuffPo]

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